Corporate Info

Trade name
Sony Energy Devices Corporation
1-1 Shimosugishita, Takakura, Hiwada-machi, Koriyama-shi, Fukushima, 963-0531
Representative Director
Tomoyuki Suzuki, President
100 million yen
135.5 billion yen (FY 2013)
Domestic Operations
Koriyama Plant (Headquaters),Motomiya Plant,Tochigi Plant,Kanuma Plant
Overseas Affiliated Companies
Sony Electronics (Wuxi) Co., Ltd (China)
Sony Electronics (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. (Singapore)
Business Areas
Development, design and manufacture of primary and secondary cell batteries, etc.
Development, design and manufacture of power supplies and battery chargers
2,095(as of April, 2014)


1975 (Feb) Sony-Eveready established as joint venture between Sony Corp. and Union Carbide Corp. of USA
1986 (April) Joint venture with Union Carbide Corp. dissolved and name changed to Sony Energytec.
2000 (Aug) Sony Energytec merged with Sony Motomiya to form Sony Fukushima.
2004 (July) Sony Fukushima merged with Sony Tochigi to form Sony Energy Devices Corp.
Plant History
Koriyama Plant (HQ.) 1975 Established as Sony-Eveready
1977 Silver-Oxide batteries
1979 Alkaline-manganese dry battery
1982 Lithium Coin batteries
1991 Lithium-ion Batteries
1999 Lithium-ion Polymer Batteries
Motomiya Plant 1973 Established as Motomiya Electron
1973 Electron guns
1977 Deflection york
2000 Power supply Unit business
2006 Lithium-ion battery Pack
2007 Lithium-ion battery electrodes
Tochigi Plant 1977 Established as Tochigi Video Tech
1979 β Video Cassettes
1982 VHS Video Cassettes
1985 8mm Video Cassettes
1995 Mini Discs
1995 Lithium-ion Batteries
Kanuma Plant 1962 Established as Sony Chemicals
1965 Adhesive tape business
1979 Magnetic tape
1983 Flexible circuit board
1998 Started Lithium-ion battery electrodes